Marketing yourself in the near future is all about self-promotion and social media.

Marketing yourself: How to grab the attention of customers in this day and age

Half the battle for businesses operating in the current market is getting the exposure needed to reach a wide enough audience to help turn a profit. As social media and decentralised technology becomes more prevalent, the power shifts into the hands of the consumer.

Therefore, as the owner of a a Shed Boss franchise, making the most of these advances will be essential to help push your custom built patios, garages and other products to the public. 

Deloitte's Katie McNamara said that more Australians are beginning to expect more from their stores, like being able to shop around and check prices from the palm of their hands. This can pose a challenge to small businesses unable – or unwilling – to adapt. 

"Meeting the needs of internal and external digital consumers often requires a change to the operating model and structures of a business. Creating new internal digital teams and capabilities is hard to do successfully as talent is scarce, the pace of innovation is rapid and performance metrics are hard to define," said Ms McNamara in a June 23 statement. 

How do you reach your chosen market today?

The name of the game is social media and being communicative with your customers. Communication between clients and service providers has changed from simply broadcasting one message out to the masses and waiting for them to flock. Instead, being in personal contact with individuals and their inquiries is becoming the norm. 

Through a maintained social media presence on websites like Facebook and Twitter, taking the initiative to open a dialogue with people will help create an approachable brand that clients are willing to use and – hopefully – talk about to their peers. 

These are just some of the things to consider when cultivating an online personality. But one thing is certain – this is an essential factor to consider in order to remain competitive in the coming future. 

If your current career prospects are limited, it could be worth looking into Shed Boss franchises.

Career progression: Could starting a franchise be right for you?

Being discontented with employment is one of the most poisonous ways people live. If you're feeling negative about the place you're spending the majority of your waking hours, the doesn't bode well for physical, mental or spiritual health – for either you or your loved ones. 

There are a wide range of reasons why people might feel upset with their current job situation. In fact, a recent survey released by Morgan McKinley Australia highlighted some of the main reasons that people would consider leaving – or had left – their previous jobs. Unsurprisingly, a number of people had issues with money, with 15.7 per cent of respondents stating they were motivated to leave due to salary dissatisfaction. 

However, one of the most interesting points was that more than 60 per cent of people said that a lack of career progression chances was their main driving force for wanting to up and leave their current employment. Highlighting the motivation of people across the nation, this presents an interesting look at the current labour force within Australia – people looking to make something for themselves and progress based on merit. 

If you're feeling this way in your current job, now could be the time to consider a change. Have you ever wanted to be your own boss, responsible for ensuring a business runs smoothly and effectively? Now could be the perfect time to begin investigating your opportunities as a Shed Boss franchisee and begin your career as the provider of high quality custom designed sheds, workshops, patios and more. 

Right from the get-go, you're provided with everything needed to make the best of the situation, including access to a range of highly-skilled, well-respected builders, refined products and an established brand. With the room to breathe and grow at your leisure, this could be a great opportunity for self-motivated starters to burst into business ownership and take control of their lives. 

Hiring the right people is an important factor for helping your business achieve success.

The importance of hiring the right people for your business

Employing people into your ShedBoss franchise is something you should expect to do during your time at the helm of a custom design shed business. However, it's important to take your time with these tasks and ensure you get the right person for the job. According to a Hays Recruitment survey, hiring the wrong person can have a negative effect on the overarching success of your business venture. 

In fact, 58 per cent of employers spoken to by the company stated the lack of the right skills could hamper operations, with another 68 per cent willing to sponsor or employ someone from overseas rather than run the risk of hiring the wrong person initially for the job. The highest areas suffering from these issues are in middle management and accounting and finances. 

Hays Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand Nick Deligiannis said the increasing rates of employment and expansion has something to do with this, as more employers began to rapidly grow without taking the time to consider all their options. 

"It's quite a paradox; for some job functions there is still a surplus of candidates yet in others, often those that require highly-skilled and experienced professionals, there is a shortage of suitable talent," said Mr Deligiannis in a June 17 statement. 

To avoid these complications as a franchise owner, take your time when interviewing and hiring staff. 

At ShedBoss, we maintain a high quality of building to ensure products don't just function well, but also look great. This means looking for staff that are talented builders to ensure that each product is built strong and built right. Other things you should look for include a great attitude, dedication to projects and willingness to learn. 

While it may take a little longer to find the right staff, this is preferable to either hiring the wrong person for the job or experiencing a high employment turn over rate heading into the future.


What type of leadership works best for you?

Stepping into the shoes of a Shed Boss franchise owner is a great way to get up off the ground and begin earning through the installation of custom designed workshops and other industrial strength constructions. However, if you’re new to the concept of being a boss, it can be difficult to wrap your head around the newfound responsibility that comes with running a business.

There are a number of different leadership styles that each have their own pros and cons. Finding out which one works best for you, your personality and the type of business you want to run is an essential factor to consider when establishing yourself as a franchise owner.

Democratic leadership

One way to work the business is to treat it as a small scale democracy, where each person is given the opportunity to voice their opinion and choices are made based on the feelings of the majority. This relies heavily on group participation and having people involve themselves in the running of the operation.

While you have the final say, seeking out ideas and comment from the body of your employees can help keep the business from becoming stale and boring, with innovation coming from different corners of the office at all times.

Authoritarian leadership

The classic “boss” role, running the business through an authoritarian model puts one person in control of the decision-making process. While this may seem like an impersonal style of leadership, it often gets quick results due to its streamlined nature.

However, it could be worth balancing this type of leadership with a more interpersonal approach – such as a democratic role – due to the negative feelings fully authoritarian workplaces tend to produce in employees.


Employment growth over the next 12 months expected across Australian businesses

Shed Boss franchise owners interested in employment trends over the coming year should investigate the latest Hays Salary Guide, which has found that marketing, engineering and operational management are expected to see the largest permanent growth in numbers over the next 12 months. Out of the employers interviewed, 34 per cent intended to increase their staff numbers – which could be something to consider for your own custom designed garage franchise.

Marketing was the clear winner among Australian companies, with 56 per cent of businesses expected to expand their marketing departments. More advertising is a great way to help businesses connect with their customers and could be something to consider moving forward into 2014. Following marketing, IT and sales departments (37 per cent), project management (35 per cent) and human resources (31 per cent) are all expected to undergo expansion.

Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand Nick Deligiannis said that 41 per cent of those interviewed expect a more positive economic outlook to occur over the next 12 months, while 66 per cent are aiming to increase the level of business activity seen over the next year.

“With confidence returning it will be more likely that candidates are going to contemplate a career move in the next few months. This is good news for the businesses that plan to expand their headcount and make strategic hires to bolster their teams,” said Mr Deligiannis in a June 10 statement.

“But the key to attracting these high potential candidates still lies with finding them, engaging with them and making sure that they see the right opportunities at the right time.”

If you’re considering hiring more employees to facilitate the sale of custom designed workshops and other products, the coming 12 months are expected to be fruitful.


Preparing for the financial end of year: Taking the right steps for your franchise

As another financial year comes to a close, now is the time for small and medium sized businesses to begin preparing their tax forms for the end of this work period. However, according to a recent survey released by the Commonwealth Bank, 29 per cent of Australian small and medium businesses have not started to prepare their tax statements – something which could lead to complications further down the track.

Furthermore, 30 per cent of those businesses prepared for the financial year end failed to maximise their tax liability over the last 12 months. Simple things like planning ahead and keeping track of all tax minimisation strategies are just two of the opportunities that many small businesses failed to take into consideration during the last 12 financial months.

Owners of Shed Boss franchises should take heed and create a plan to deal with the end of financial years heading forward into the future. As providers of custom designed sheds – both domestic and commercial – it’s important to keep a close eye on your business finances throughout the year in order to take advantage of the multiple opportunities for savings.

Commonwealth Bank’s Executive General Manager of Local Business Banking Adam Bennett said that while the end of June is often the busiest time for businesses preparing their tax documents, it’s an important and unavoidable aspect of being involved in the operation of a commercial venture.

“Some businesses are spending more than 40 hours preparing for tax time, so we understand this can put undue pressure on internal resources. By taking a number of simple steps and speaking with a professional adviser early, businesses can ensure they are using this time effectively and can potentially improve their financial position for the year ahead,” said Mr Bennett in a June 10 statement.

It’s not too late to get in contact with a financial professional to discuss the end of financial year options available to you and your Shed Boss franchise.


Retaining employee morale: Tips to maintain high productivity all year round

Becoming a Shed Boss franchisee can be a great way to get control of your own business venture and begin working with custom designed sheds. But one thing to remember – especially for inexperienced business people – is the importance of maintaining the morale of your employees.

A recent study released by Australian awareness group beyondblue has found millions of people across the nation are suffering mentally from their workplaces. This fuels a higher number of sick days and an unnaturally large level of people developing workplace-related depression and anxiety –  leading to a drop in productivity and an overall dreary environment in which to spend your days.

To avoid this happening to your Shed Boss franchise, here are some tips to help make your business as engaging and positive as possible.

Make an effort to recognise individual achievement

Nothing makes people feel worse than feeling like part of a nameless mass. Fostering an approach to business that emphasises personal achievement and celebrates good work done by each employee can help staff feel more valued in the business process.

Couple this with an incentive program that gives your staff something to work towards every week, as well as including them in the wider running of the franchise, and you will give your employees a personal stake in the overall success of the venture.

Listen to complaints

There are bound to be complications that arise during work where people feel uncomfortable with something – whether it be the office temperature, technology problems or interpersonal issues. However, simply ignoring these pleas or pushing them back sends the message of disinterest and unimportance.

This can often lead to feelings of anger or frustration among employees, leading to potential issues with productivity and smooth operation in the future. Taking these issues to heart and working with employees to find a workable solution will help maintain – and even mend – bridges, ensuring workers continue to give 100 per cent at all times.

While issues such as slow networks may be unavoidable for some businesses, there's no reason things like fear or ignorance should stop business owners from making the most of the tools they have at hand.

Let modern tech help you succeed

There's no doubt today's technology is capable of some astounding feats. But it's not just advances in social media and cellular phone technology – much of the cutting-edge tech hitting the market is specifically geared to help small business owners.

As a franchisee selling industrial sheds and other products, you can count on the support of Shed Boss. However, you can also make your life easier and improve your business' chances of success by embracing modern technology.

The Grattan Institute recently reported that small and medium enterprises employ two-thirds of private sector workers and are responsible for half of private sector gross domestic  product in Australia.

However, many of these businesses struggle with reduced productivity due to their failure to take advantage of technological innovations.

"Today mobile devices, e-commerce, cloud computing and other online innovations offer opportunities for firms of all sizes," the Grattan Institute said.

"Cloud computing – the delivery of on-demand information technology services over the Internet – is a case study for how online technologies can benefit smaller firms."

Unfortunately, many Australian small businesses do not make use of modern tech like cloud computing.

"Many are not aware of the benefits or believe they lack the skills to capture them. Some are concerned about transition costs, data security and privacy. Networks are too slow or unreliable for cloud services in some areas," the Grattan Institute continued.

While issues such as slow networks may be unavoidable for some businesses, there's no reason things like fear or ignorance should stop business owners from making the most of the tools they have at hand.

In today's market, it's more vital than ever for small business owners to make use of all the gizmos, gadgets and programs at their disposal.

Shed Boss knows this, which is why we provide our franchisees with training and innovative software to help them handle everything from designs and quotes to project management.

The most difficult challenge faced by small business owners when they first attempt to get their enterprise off the ground is obtaining start up capital.

Obtaining start up capital for your business

Becoming a Shed Boss franchisee and selling premium-quality, custom designed sheds can be a lucrative endeavour.

However, as with any small business, it will likely take money to make money, especially in the early stages.

For this reason, the most difficult challenge faced by small business owners when they first attempt to get their enterprise off the ground is obtaining start up capital.

Options available to you

Unless you have sufficient savings put away, chances are you'll need to borrow money in order to start your business.

Borrowing money from family and friends is often the easiest – not to mention cheapest – way to gain start up capital. However, keep in mind that mixing money with personal relationships can lead to complications.

Your best bet will probably be taking out a loan from a local financial institution.

Credit unions and community banks can often be a superior choice to major banking institutions, especially if you've done business with them in the past. It's easier to develop close relationships with smaller banks, and this can work in your favour when it comes time to borrow. 

Whereas a large bank may be strictly focused on your finances, a smaller financial institution you have history with might be more willing to make allowances.

Making your business desirable

At the same time, no matter where you choose to borrow from, it's essential to make yourself an attractive candidate.

A strong credit history can go a long way to help, but even more important is having a detailed business plan in place.

Fortunately, becoming a Shed Boss franchisee comes with a built-in business plan and the support of a large company to back you up. This can make obtaining the funds you need easier than going it alone.

For many business owners who used to be employees, it can be tempting to become more of a friend to your own workers than act like a boss.

New business owner? Avoid these common pitfalls!

If it's your first time running a business, there will be plenty of pitfalls you need to avoid. Then again, some business owners make these mistakes even if they've been their own boss for years.

Selling custom designed sheds as a Shed Boss franchisee gives you plenty of opportunity to succeed, but it still pays to keep common missteps in mind in an attempt to avoid them.

Fend off tunnel vision

With so many spinning plates to keep track of, business owners can be forgiven for letting some things slip through the cracks. However, there's no excuse for devoting so much time to one aspect of your business that another part suffers.

For instance, say sales are booming at your Shed Boss franchise. This may make you think that you can slack off on things like marketing. However, it may not always be so busy in your establishment, and if you find that you haven't developed any kind of advertising strategy to bring in new business, your feast could turn to famine in the blink of an eye.

Every business is a collection of different moving parts. Always try to stay focused on the big picture, giving proper care and attention to all the different aspects of a successful enterprise.

Become the boss

For many business owners who used to be employees, it can be tempting to become more of a friend to your own workers than act like a boss. After all, you likely know what it was like to work under someone and feel hesitant about being viewed in the same way.

Unfortunately, just as children need a parent instead of a friend, employees need a boss instead of a colleague.

The success of your business depends on everyone doing their jobs, and sometimes that means chasing after people and ensuring they stay in line. Discipline may be necessary, and if you want to succeed, you need to come to terms with the responsibilities being a business owner comes with.