Retaining employee morale: Tips to maintain high productivity all year round

Becoming a Shed Boss franchisee can be a great way to get control of your own business venture and begin working with custom designed sheds. But one thing to remember – especially for inexperienced business people – is the importance of maintaining the morale of your employees.

A recent study released by Australian awareness group beyondblue has found millions of people across the nation are suffering mentally from their workplaces. This fuels a higher number of sick days and an unnaturally large level of people developing workplace-related depression and anxiety –  leading to a drop in productivity and an overall dreary environment in which to spend your days.

To avoid this happening to your Shed Boss franchise, here are some tips to help make your business as engaging and positive as possible.

Make an effort to recognise individual achievement

Nothing makes people feel worse than feeling like part of a nameless mass. Fostering an approach to business that emphasises personal achievement and celebrates good work done by each employee can help staff feel more valued in the business process.

Couple this with an incentive program that gives your staff something to work towards every week, as well as including them in the wider running of the franchise, and you will give your employees a personal stake in the overall success of the venture.

Listen to complaints

There are bound to be complications that arise during work where people feel uncomfortable with something – whether it be the office temperature, technology problems or interpersonal issues. However, simply ignoring these pleas or pushing them back sends the message of disinterest and unimportance.

This can often lead to feelings of anger or frustration among employees, leading to potential issues with productivity and smooth operation in the future. Taking these issues to heart and working with employees to find a workable solution will help maintain – and even mend – bridges, ensuring workers continue to give 100 per cent at all times.

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