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We love our sheds. Whether they’re hardworking tool sheds or hard partying man sheds, they’re part of our lives. Some of them are such a big part of the family, it’s hard to imagine life without them. And just like the family dog has a name, some owners have a habit of christening their sheds with all sorts of weird and wonderful monikers. Some are crude, some are simple, some are downright hilariously clever. All of them are as unique as their owners.

How each shed gets its name is usually a story in itself. Most of the time, it’s about the character and humour of the owner. At the end of the day, it’s personal. Just for fun, we searched the internet for some of the best most creative shed names in the world and then we had a go at thinking up a few of our own.

Top 5 Best Shed Names:
• Justin Timbershed
• Shedquarters
• Frankenshed
• ‘Ted’ (the shed)
• The Ruminator

What we love about all of these names is that there’s a story behind each one of them. Which one is your favourite?

Our top 5 shed name ideas:

• Right Said Shed
• Shed Sweet shed
• He Shed She Shed
• The grateful shed
• Ready Sheddie Go

As you can tell it’s easy to get carried away thinking of fun and clever names. After a while though, you realise that the best way to name your shed is perhaps not to name it at all. Sound crazy? It might not be. We think the best thing to do might be to let the name come to you.

You see, after months or years of working and living in your four walled retreat, it develops a character all of its own. When that happens, the name might simply arrive of its own accord. Whether it’s a thought that pops into your head, or if it’s something a mate simply blurts out. It might even be something your wife starts saying. Either way, the best names arrive spontaneously in a moment. And once they stick, they’re there for good.

If your shed is full of old motorcycle parts, you might end up calling it something like the “Bike Hospital”. If it’s the place to drink a cuppa and do a bit of gardening it might get a name like the “Tea Trowel”. Who knows.
No matter how your shed gets its name, it’s something to cherish. It signals that the shed has become part of who you are. We at ShedBoss love to see that happen. It means we’ve added something of real value to life. Nothing would make us happier than to do that for you.

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