It’s a new year, which means some of us are resolving to do things like lose weight and get in shape. It’s also a good time to think about a few ways to keep your shed in great condition, so you’ll get more out of it for years to come. We’ve put together a little check list of simple things to do to get your shed ready for a great 2017.

Pest control

Critters make a home in sheds. Especially if you have a very cluttered shed, there’s no knowing what could be lurking under junk or behind packing boxes. From mice to spiders and snakes, you don’t want unwelcome guests living rent-free in your outbuilding. If you have any telltale signs such as droppings, spider webs, snake skins or insect eggs is a good sign that you have a problem. Even with no such signs in evidence, it’s a good idea to get the pest inspectors in to spray and make sure no creepy crawlies decide to take up residence.

Check fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a great thing, but you’ll be amazed how many people never check them. They need yearly inspections to make sure they are properly pressurized and working correctly. A fire is the worst time to discover that your extinguisher needs a service so get it done now and you’ll be set for the year.

Test automatic door

Garage door motors are expensive to replace and they wear out faster if your garage door isn’t running smoothly. Does your door make any unexplained creaking or screeching sound? If your door runs slowly or moves at an inconsistent speed that is a sign of a sticky door. Inspect the rails for scuffing and any signs of friction or wear. Check the rollers for worn bearings. The door should roll easily and not require grease or oil to move freely.

A word of warning. Never attempt to adjust the spring tension of your garage doors yourself. Although they look harmless, some door springs store massive amounts of energy and can cause serious injury or even death if adjusted improperly. Leave it for the trained, professional installers.

Gutter cleaning

We usually pay attention to the gutters on our houses, but the shed is often overlooked when it comes to keeping things clear. This is a bad idea. Collections of leaves can clog gutters and do more than cause them to overflow. They can cause pooling of water which – besides smelling bad – also attracts insects who lay eggs leading to epidemics of flying creepy crawlies.

Clear bushes and foliage from around the exterior

Plants that have managed to grow up around your shed not only look untidy, they can be bad for its structural condition. Overhanging trees drop leaves and berries in the gutters. Falling branches can damage your roof. Plants crowding the sides create spots for dirt to build up. It’s simple to avoid these problems by simply keeping your shed clear of creepers, shrubbery, trimming the grass back away from the walls and cutting any encroaching branches.

Replace light bulbs / florescent tubes if required.

It sounds obvious, but light bulbs are the easiest way to improve your enjoyment of your shed. Replace dull or flickering ones with new white light bulbs. Low energy bulbs are a great option. Although they are more expensive, they outlast conventional bulbs by a big margin, which means less time spent on the step ladder in future and because they use less energy, they save money in the long run.


Give your shed space to breathe. We’re already well into summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still do a spring clean. Get ruthless with the build-up of junk in your shed. Once you start getting rid of stuff you’ll be amazed how liberated you will feel.

If you make one resolution this year, spend more time in the shed. Performing these simple checks will ensure yours stays in great condition and gives you maximum enjoyment in 2017. If you do find anything that needs attention, remember we’re always here to offer assistance, advice and great service.

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