Having a space for your hobbies is an important area to have in your home.

Reconnect with your hobbies

Having hobbies is an important thing to have in order to keep your mind occupied and help you grow as an individual. Unfortunately, after having a family, sometimes these passions fall to the wayside in lieu of looking after young children and providing for the household. But the best way to reconnect with your old hobbies is so simply create a space dedicated to that sole purpose.

This could present a wonderful opportunity for you to build a custom designed shed and turn it into a space for doing whatever makes you tick. Creating a space outside of your house where you can retreat and spend time doing what you love is good for the soul and can be a great way to de​-stress after a long day at work.

Depending on the type of hobby you like, you could look into installing different types of custom shelving, tables and other features. For example, if you're an avid fan of model planes or figurines, having a large table and workshop dedicated to the various paints, brushes, glues and other tools of the trade can help to not only keep all your things in the same place, but give the room a sense of purpose.

Keeping these things locked up and safe - away from the prying hands of young children - will be essential. So take the time to invest in decent storage systems for all your things. Not only will this protect them from little kids, but also obscure them from view in the unfortunate event of a robbery.

Creating a space for you to reconnect with your hobbies could be a wonderful thing to consider in the near future. Get in contact with the team at Shed Boss to discuss any ideas you may have regarding this endeavour.

Look into the insulation options available for your shed and make winter far more comfortable.

Garage insulation: Keep out the winter blues

With the height of winter upon us, most of us will be well acquainted with the freezing temperatures that are only natural with these cooler months. Now could be the perfect time to consider getting insulation for your custom designed shed – if not for this winter, at least to be prepared for next year. 

Insulation helps to maintain the atmosphere inside a room, such as a home or a garage. This means that in summer, you'll be able to keep out the hot air and keep the garage a comfortable temperature, while in winter warm air will be trapped inside, allowing you to retain heat inside your garage. 

This could be especially useful in industrial sheds and the like, where a number of people will be working throughout the year on projects. The combination of body heat and tools will help to heat the space, while the insulation will ensure the warmth doesn't escape through the walls. 

A number of benefits can be earned from installing insulation. For one, you could potentially cut down on your overall energy bill. Without the need to be constantly running a heater or other source of warmth, your power bills could start dropping. A simple, one-off investment for the installation of insulation in your industrial or commercial shed could potentially save you a significant amount of money in the long run. 

Furthermore, if you install insulation into a garage connected to your residential home, the extra layer to your home will work for your interior as well, providing your home with another layer of defense against the cutting cold of winter. 

Insulation is just one of the things to give some thought towards when building your own sheds in the near future. Speak with the experts at Shed Boss about the options available and begin working towards creating your dream garage. 

Future proof your property and garage for your family.

Future-proofing your garage: Things to consider when building your own shed

Future-proofing your property is something to consider when building a shed. The term itself applies to ensuring your home and other installations are able to adapt to the constant changes in your life and anticipating these developments – in order to minimise the related shock and stress when things do change. 

For example, things like extending the whole lifecycle of a building through construction techniques and materials or taking sustainability into account come under the umbrella of future-proofing. 

Future-proofing your custom designed shed 

If you're in the market to purchase a new custom designed garage for your home or commercial project, taking these considerations to heart and looking into the types of construction options available could help you create an installation that will stand the test of time. 

One thing you want to consider is the material being used in order to avoid corrosive complications in the future. The team at Shed Boss can help protect your investment from the ravages of harsh weather conditions, ensuring your investment stands the test of time moving forward. 

Furthermore, looking into sustainability and reducing your whole carbon footprint is another thing to consider. Things like installing skylights and low-energy light bulbs will help you reduce the amount spent on power, reducing the overarching bill for your home while also contributing to the reduction of your effect on the environment. 

Another aspect of future-proofing is creating an installation that can be easily adapted and expanded to the needs of future endeavours. Investigate the types of construction available to you, as well as the type of material and doors used, in order to find the a way to change up the construction if your future needs require it. 

Protect your vehicles by installing a new carport into your residence today.

How can a carport improve your home?

If you're looking into purchasing a custom designed shed or shelter for your vehicles, it could be worth looking into building a carport instead. These installations can offer a lot to your home, as well as add value to your property. Here are some of the key improvements a carport can provide to your home. 

Protection from the weather

Looking after the integrity of your vehicles is important. If you have no room to build a garage, creating a carport is just as effective at providing the cover needed to protect your car. Whether this be shading from sun to prevent paint fade, or looking after your car from heavy rain during the winter months, there are a number of reasons why you'd want to cover your vehicle. 

Extension of your home

One of the brilliant bonuses of installing a carport in your residence is that you can use it as an extension of your home during the summer. What this means is that the hot weather will be no match for your shaded, outdoor area. Simply set up a few chairs and tables to instantly create a great space for you and your family to spend time, outside but under the shade. 

Save time 

Carports also tend to be faster to build than a garage. If you're looking for a fast solution to your residential problems, looking into the creation of a carport could be the best step to take. There are a number of different designs to choose from, giving you the opportunity to find something that suits the overall aesthetic of your home. 

Get in touch with the team at Shed Boss to discuss the options available to you and begin working towards the development of your own carport today. 

Turn your custom designed garage into a new bedroom or any number of other rooms.

Three interesting uses for a custom designed garage

Building a custom designed garage is definitely a good move to make if you're interested in creating a safe space to store your car. After all, this is what garages are most often built for in residential settings. However, this doesn't mean it's the only use that a garage can be used for. Here are some interesting ideas for using a new shed to your best advantage. 

Man cave

It's a cliche that the garage is considered a masculine area. However, one awesome use for a garage outside of storing your vehicles is to convert it into a space for men and their friends to hang out without disrupting the peace of the home. 

These things are easy enough to create. Most simply need a rug, some chairs, a television and fridge for refreshments. Creating your own area to spend time in is a fantastic way to use the space afforded by a custom designed garage

Home gym

Working out and getting sweaty isn't necessarily something you want in your home. But utilising an outdoor space like the garage to set up your own home gym could be a brilliant use of the space. Setting up a basic weight system and a treadmill instantly gives you the means to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Bedroom conversion

This is a great option for those with older children looking to have an increased degree of privacy, but who are too young to move out of home yet. Simply think of your custom designed garage as a small granny flat. 

The only thing to consider with this is the number of power outlets in the room. Bedrooms often have multiple electronic devices – especially in this day and age – so making sure the garage has enough for your child will help maintain peace and order in the long run. 

Protect your children from insecticides, gasoline and all the other things often stored in garages.

Keep your custom designed shed safe: Tips for creating a risk-free environment

Like anywhere around your house, your custom designed shed could be home to a number of different things that could hurt or harm anyone going into the area. Minimising the threats throughout your home and garage is the best way to help stop people from getting hurt. However, the main difference between prepping a commercial shed and a residential one is that children could be coming and going more frequently, which means ensuring hazards are well out of arm's reach. 

Garage doors

For example, even the main entrance to a custom designed shed could be dangerous for unattended children. To ensure your door is secure, take a close look at all the nuts and bolts involved to make sure they're tight and secure. Furthermore, make sure all the garage door wheels and tracks are adjusted and aligned properly. Also be sure to provide adequate lubrication where needed.

Many problems with these occur when they begin to stop working as smoothly as normal and people begin pushing or pulling them harder than necessary. Avoid these situations from happening by tending to regular maintenance towards creating a shed that works like clockwork. 

Poisonous substances

Often sheds are used in residential areas as an alternative storage place for things like gasoline and pesticides - the types of things you don't want lying around inside your home for people to stumble across. 

If you're going to be storing these kinds of substances in the garage, make sure you put them in specifically designed storage places that are up and out of reach from wandering young hands. Or perhaps putting them under lock and key could be another option. Regardless, taking steps towards protecting your children should be one of the first things done following the construction of your new shed. 

Colourbond steel is a great material to use for the construction of your custom designed shed.

What are the benefits of Colorbond steel?

 If you're looking to get a custom designed garage from Shed Boss, the first step is getting in contact with the team to discuss the options available. One thing you'll learn is that all the sheds are made from Colorbond steel material, which is a specific choice made to help make the product as sturdy as possible. 

What are the benefits of Colorbond steel?

Understandably, before committing to such a huge investment, you'll want to know everything you can about what you're spending your hard-earned cash on. One of the best features of Colorbond steel is the strong durability that comes from the oven-baked finish of the material.

This helps the steel resist flaking and blistering during the hot summer weather and, when coupled with the corrosion-resistant base of the material, ensures you're shed will remain strong well into the future. The material has been tested under a number of different conditions throughout Australia and can be applied to a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential applications. 

Given the durability of the material, many of these custom designed sheds are also cyclone rated, which makes them a suitable option for building in states with harsher weather conditions. 

Furthermore, construction with Colorbond steel is fast and efficient. Given the flexibility of the product and the engineering put into the creation of the material, it's often a quick and easy option for erecting on-site, allowing you to save both time and money in the long run. 

Finally, sustainability is taken to heart with Colorbond steel. With less on-site wastage and impact on the surrounding environment, you can rest assured that your shed is being made and constructed in the most eco-friendly way possible.  

Safety and hygiene are two important factors to consider when building a new barn.

Maintaining barn safety in farming conditions

When you're looking into purchasing a garage or barn for your farm, there are a number of things that you should give consideration to before committing. One of the most important – especially if you have other employees working for you – is the safety measures implemented in the installation. 

Here are some tips to help create a safer working environment for you and your staff in order to help make your barn as safe as possible and ensure your venture remains as productive as possible. 

Adequate lighting

A number of incidents occur each and every year simply because people can't see properly in their environment. Depending on what you use your installation for, the importance of being able to see at all times is paramount. For example, if you're using the barn as storage for animals, you should ensure you're able to see clearly and avoid causing harm to either the animals in the building or yourself. 

Having a reliable source of lighting means you'll be less likely to misplace items that you need. Barns and garages are great options for additional storage – especially on farms – and being able to organise your equipment easily will help make your life a lot easier in the long run. 

Good signage

Another thing to consider is putting adequate signage on your barn, depending on what you're using it for. Leaving agricultural chemicals in there should be clearly labeled, both on the container and the barn door, just to warn people in the area of what's in the building. 

Furthermore, if you're storing animals in the barn, emphasise hygiene for you and your employees. Putting up signs reminding people to wash their hands and boots before and after working with the animals will work towards reducing the incidence of sickness and other health problems in the future. 

Protect your soil by installing gutters on your new shed.

Gutters: Protect your investment with forward planning

Rain is a natural fact of life. Just as certain as the sun will rise tomorrow morning, you can be sure that your new custom designed shed will be exposed to the the potentially damaging effects of wet weather in the near future. However, one thing that some people seem to skip on when creating their new installation is roof gutters. 

These are great for helping drain the water away from your new shed and protect the integrity of your design. Here are some of the benefits associated with installing gutters along the roof of your new shed.

Keeping people dry 

When people are coming and going from your home or the shed during the rain, they don't want to get wetter than they have to. Without gutters, water simply runs over the edge of the roof and plummets towards the unsuspecting people walking beneath.

Having a gutter installed means the water is caught and funneled way, removing any potential threat of being soaked coming in or out of the door. 

Preventing soil erosion

If you live in an area with heavy, frequent rainfall, it's possible that water constantly falling on the same spot can begin to eat away at the structural integrity of the soil around your shed. This can lead to a muddy, messy lawn with damaged grass and soil. 

This can make your home look unsightly and potentially be harmful, increasing the risk of slipping and causing injury. Luckily, installing a gutter with your new shed means the water is taken away from the edges and safely discarded. 

These are just two of the benefits associated with putting gutters on your shed's roof, but they show how important a little forward planning can be when it comes to shed design.

Increase the value of your home by installing a custom designed garage.

Adding value to your home: Consider a custom designed garage

If you're interested in ways to help increase the value of your home, it could be worth looking into making additions to your existing property. While some people may think installing a deck or extra bathroom could be the way to go, one thing that many houses these days are missing is a custom designed garage. While many have built-in ones, sometimes creating a separate space from your home is the way to go. 

What are some of the benefits of a custom designed garage?

One thing to remember is that a new installation like a garage will only add value if done correctly. In fact, shoddy work can actually detract from the value of your home. So ensure you get in contact with a professional to discuss the options available to you and be willing to have a say during the development stage. After all, you'll be looking to create the perfect garage to complement the style of your home. 

However, creating a wonderful space in your property can offer buyers something different and new. Ensure you make the garage large enough to be used for a number of different purposes. You don't know what potential buyers will want to use the garage for – whether it be for vehicles, storage or converted into another living space. 

Take this into account when planning with the builders. Discuss the chances of reducing space limitations – such as built-in storage areas – in order to leave the garage an open canvas for future homeowners. 

Furthermore, think about your property's location. If you live in a busy, crowded area, chances are there is often competition for parking spots in the region. However, offering an off-the-road solution can help entice buyers to consider your property, especially if their vehicle will be safe, protected and guaranteed a spot.