What type of leadership works best for you?

Stepping into the shoes of a Shed Boss franchise owner is a great way to get up off the ground and begin earning through the installation of custom designed workshops and other industrial strength constructions. However, if you’re new to the concept of being a boss, it can be difficult to wrap your head around the newfound responsibility that comes with running a business.

There are a number of different leadership styles that each have their own pros and cons. Finding out which one works best for you, your personality and the type of business you want to run is an essential factor to consider when establishing yourself as a franchise owner.

Democratic leadership

One way to work the business is to treat it as a small scale democracy, where each person is given the opportunity to voice their opinion and choices are made based on the feelings of the majority. This relies heavily on group participation and having people involve themselves in the running of the operation.

While you have the final say, seeking out ideas and comment from the body of your employees can help keep the business from becoming stale and boring, with innovation coming from different corners of the office at all times.

Authoritarian leadership

The classic “boss” role, running the business through an authoritarian model puts one person in control of the decision-making process. While this may seem like an impersonal style of leadership, it often gets quick results due to its streamlined nature.

However, it could be worth balancing this type of leadership with a more interpersonal approach – such as a democratic role – due to the negative feelings fully authoritarian workplaces tend to produce in employees.

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