Studying your slope

Shed Boss is dedicated to building strong and building right, but premium commercial sheds depend on more than just quality materials and craftsmanship.

The land you plan to build on is just as important as the construction itself. Among issues like soil type and surface water, one of the key elements that can make or break potential construction is slope.

The angle at which land sits plays a major role in how commercial sheds are designed and built. While minimal slope can sometimes help with construction in the case of drainage, steep slopes can make building next to impossible, or, at the very least, more expensive.

Obviously, flat surfaces or those with gentle slopes are far easier to plan and build for. Steep slopes, on the other hand, come with a number of potential problems.

First, in order to create workable grades and prevent erosion, it may be necessary to to conduct cut and fill operations, which could include trucking in additional fill. You may also be forced to pay for retaining walls or special foundation in order to minimise erosion and ensure your custom designed shed meets building requirements.

Of course, what you plan on using your shed for could also be impacted by slope. For instance, if your shed is to act as a barn for cattle, a steep slope could make it far more difficult for animals to enter and exit the building, leading to slower cattle flow and potential injury.

Fortunately, Shed Boss is committed to not only building quality, great-looking sheds, but also making sure they're built for specific site requirements. We can help you determine the best place on which to build, and provide you with an estimate of site development costs.

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