Think about the right location for your Shed Boss franchise before committing to a lot.

What should you consider when it comes to your franchise location?

If you're looking into opening up your own Shed Boss franchise in the future, there are a number of things to consider before the grand opening. One of the most important things for new businesses to consider is their location, which can help make or break the success of the venture. 

Before setting up shop and selling custom built patios, it could be worth doing some research into the local community you hope to be servicing. This will ensure you find the right location for establishing the shop front, which acts as one of your main points of contact with potential clients and suppliers. Having an easily accessible store makes it easier for customers to acknowledge your services and approach with queries – the backbone of your business growth. 

Furthermore, when it comes to holding supplies, samples and other things to facilitate the success of your business, having ample room for holding stock and allowing for people to move easily is paramount. Consider the area you're looking to setting up shop in and check crime rates in the region – sometimes the decision to pursue construction can take a while and you want to ensure your customers' vehicles are safe. 

Remember, you'll also have to pay a lease or weekly rent to work out of the property. Take this into consideration – especially during the early period of your business – and ensure you have enough reserve finances to afford this. It could be a while before the franchise is profitable as word of mouth and marketing takes off. 

Finally, think about the other stores surrounding yours. Are they similar businesses or completely different? This could have an effect on both how much business you end up getting and the types of customers who frequent the local area. 

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