Shed Boss will not only design to your site, but help you obtain the necessary approvals for construction.

Top 3 shed building mistakes for homeowners

There's no law that says you can't build a custom designed shed all by yourself, but many amateur builders find that going it alone comes with a number of potential pitfalls that could've been solved by employing the services of professional builders.

Not working from plans

You may have the finished product clear as day in your mind, but it takes a lot of work to get there, and without proper designs to work from, you'll leave yourself exposed to a number of risks. Having only a vague idea of how a shed will be built without specific plans including precise measurements is a recipe for disaster.

At Shed Boss, we'll work with you to create independently engineered designs that not only meet Australian standards, but are tailor made to your wants and needs.

Not designing for your site

Even if you do have plans made, it's essential that they take the construction site into consideration. The planet isn't a flat surface that is the same all over. Different locations offer different obstacles builders must contend with, whether it be a sloping tract of land or proximity to harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, different communities will have specific laws and regulations in place regarding building, making it vital to receive the proper permits.

Shed Boss will not only design to your site, but help you obtain the necessary approvals for construction.

Not using the right products

Building can be expensive, and many do-it-yourselfers may try to reduce costs by opting for sub par products. Unfortunately, nothing can backfire more than not using specifically engineered, premium-quality building materials.

Shed Boss prides itself on only using high-quality products, including our very own patented systems designed to stand the test of time.

From barns to custom designed garages, Shed Boss is your one-stop shop for building solutions.

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