Turn your custom designed garage into a new bedroom or any number of other rooms.

Three interesting uses for a custom designed garage

Building a custom designed garage is definitely a good move to make if you're interested in creating a safe space to store your car. After all, this is what garages are most often built for in residential settings. However, this doesn't mean it's the only use that a garage can be used for. Here are some interesting ideas for using a new shed to your best advantage. 

Man cave

It's a cliche that the garage is considered a masculine area. However, one awesome use for a garage outside of storing your vehicles is to convert it into a space for men and their friends to hang out without disrupting the peace of the home. 

These things are easy enough to create. Most simply need a rug, some chairs, a television and fridge for refreshments. Creating your own area to spend time in is a fantastic way to use the space afforded by a custom designed garage

Home gym

Working out and getting sweaty isn't necessarily something you want in your home. But utilising an outdoor space like the garage to set up your own home gym could be a brilliant use of the space. Setting up a basic weight system and a treadmill instantly gives you the means to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Bedroom conversion

This is a great option for those with older children looking to have an increased degree of privacy, but who are too young to move out of home yet. Simply think of your custom designed garage as a small granny flat. 

The only thing to consider with this is the number of power outlets in the room. Bedrooms often have multiple electronic devices – especially in this day and age – so making sure the garage has enough for your child will help maintain peace and order in the long run. 

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