Like many of us, a lot of my childhood memories played out on the living room carpet. We didn’t have a dedicated play room, but nevertheless we entertained ourselves building pillow forts and conducting elaborate battles with Lego weaponry. It was terrific fun, but I also spent a fair bit of time picturing my own ultimate games room. I always dreamed of building a place that would be the envy of all my friends. I had big ideas.

Of course, as we get older these dreams are usually set aside to make way for more sensible things, but what if we stopped being grown-ups for a second and looked back? What would happen if we rummaged around in the memory banks and pulled out some of those ideas? What would the ultimate games room look like? What would your 12-year-old self build? What would happen if we threw practicality to the wind, tossed the budget out the window and allow the imagination run wild. Here’s a few of the ideas I found lurking back there.

The skateboard room.

Imagine a whole room filled with quarter pipes, rails and ramps all laid out for the perfect run. Made from perfectly smooth, curving, sweeping, sculpted ready-to-skate wood sheeting. How many days would be spent executing perfect variable heel flips, hard flips, backside kick flips, grinds, wall rides and tail slides? For 12-year-old me, this would have been a gnarly nirvana, dude.

The trampoline room.

Imagine a place where bouncing knows no limits. Take a large room with a high ceiling and cover the floor with trampolines. Put padding everywhere and prepare for bouncing mayhem. Then take it a step further and put them at different levels. Create ledges to drop down and gain extra altitude. Perhaps angle some of them against the wall for more ambitious moves. Crazy? Maybe. Crazy awesome? Undoubtedly!

The Scalextric race room.

Slot car racing is still as much of a hit with kids as it was in the 80’s. To this day there’s something special about racing your mates around a twisting track in a tiny plastic sportcar. In my day we had simple figure 8 tracks, but as a kid I imagined a 3 dimensional multi-level behemoth of track with loops and interchanges. I imagined racing against several friends as our cars jostled for position on fantastic fantasy raceways with bridges, bends, tunnels and twisting spirals. Anything is possible when you take the brakes off the imagination.

As a company who builds recreational sheds, a lot of ideas come through our doors. Many customers fill their man caves and she-sheds with everything from pool tables to foosball tables and beyond. There really is no limit to how far you can take it. You could even build a place your inner child would love. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be inspired to talk to ShedBoss about making that 12-year-old’s dreams come true.

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