Master Builders CEO Wilhelm Harnisch said legislation to repeal red tape will "slash the burden of over regulation and associated compliance costs".

New legislation could impact construction of commercial sheds

The Australian government is dedicated to cutting "red tape" regulations that could affect the building industry, according to Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

"Next week's repeal day will scrap more than 9,500 unnecessary or counter-productive regulations and 1,000 redundant acts of parliament," Mr Abbott said in a March 19 statement to parliament.

"More than 50,000 pages will disappear from the statute books. Removing just these will save individuals and organisations more than $700 million a year, every year."

This news was welcomed by Master Builders Australia.

Master Builders CEO Wilhelm Harnisch said legislation to repeal red tape will "slash the burden of over regulation and associated compliance costs".

With building and construction being one of Australia's most regulated industries, as well as the country's third largest employer, the government's willingness to reduce unneeded regulation could lead to greater productivity, more jobs and better value for consumers, Mr Harnisch noted.

As an example, Mr Harnisch pointed out a report for the Australian Building Codes Board showing the simplification of national regulations for the building industry alone would give the economy a boost of approximately $300 million each year.

March 26 marked the first red tape "repeal day", something the government plans to have twice per year.

While the far-reaching effects of such activity will take time to materialise, any legislation that reduces compliance costs for construction and improves job prospects is likely to benefit both the building industry and the economy as a whole.

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