Today's business world is less about advertising and more about word-of-mouth.

Let technology do some heavy lifting

Running a small business is hard work, but today's technological advancements have made it easier to organise and operate a business than ever before.

So whether it's your first time acting as the boss or you simply aren't familiar with modern computer technology, it's worth exploring what tools are available to help you out.

Rise to the cloud

Cloud storage allows you to save vital business documents online rather than on your computer or as paperwork. This can help you keep track of important business information while freeing up space in your physical premises as well as on your computer.

There's no shortage of popular cloud storage services, and some of the most basic are absolutely free.

Become part of the conversation

A giant billboard can be effective, but it's also expensive and old-fashioned. Today's business world is less about advertising and more about word-of-mouth. 

By creating a local presence through free social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can put your brand out there and have people begin to interact with your business in a more natural way.

This is especially helpful when trying to appeal to a younger generation of customers.

Manage projects easily

As a Shed Boss franchisee, you'll have plenty to keep track of. Each project will require the management of many details, from what type of custom designed shed is being built to which contractors are working on the job.

Instead of trying to stay up to date off the top of your head, you should think about investing in project management software. These products let your create goals, assign tasks and generally give you a bird's eye view of whatever project you're working on.

Technology can never replace good old-fashioned customer service and hard work, but there's no harm in letting your computer help with the heavy lifting.

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