Workshop lighting doesn't just have to be a light bulb hanging from the centre of the ceiling.

How to light custom designed workshops

While the type of work being done in your custom designed shed will certainly impact lighting design, there are some general things to keep in mind to ensure your space meets your needs.

Be bright

When it comes to lighting custom designed workshops, too much is typically preferable to too little.

Proper lighting is an integral safety factor, and having a brilliantly lit workshop will reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring in dark corners or shadowy areas.

Also keep in mind that light is essential to whatever work you're performing. If you can't see what you're doing, there's no doubt your work is going to suffer.

Plan ahead

Your lighting needs today may be different down the line. Therefore, when designing the lighting system for custom designed workshops, try to keep the future in mind.

The work you use your shop for may change or expand, after all. Plus, it's a fact of life that light becomes more integral as we age.

Your eyesight will most likely deteriorate over time, requiring more light to perceive the same level of brightness.

This could make investing in dimmable lights a good option. How much light you use can be changed from job to job or increased over the years.

Explore your options

Workshop lighting doesn't just have to be a light bulb hanging from the centre of the ceiling.

There are many unique options available, some more suitable for your needs than others.

For instance, fluorescent overhead fixtures are a classic and relatively inexpensive choice.

Meanwhile, under-cabinet lighting could be used to illuminate specific work areas. This type of lighting can be invaluable for work that requires specific attention to detail in smaller areas.

You might even want to consider portable floodlights that can be used for specific jobs, allowing you to adjust height and direction on the fly.

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