Embracing mature employees can benefit your franchise in a number of ways.

Create an integrated work environment

A recent release from Hays Recruitment has highlighted the rising age of the Australian population, illustrating the necessity of retaining more mature employees in the future. However, the experts say that there is a wealth of benefits to keeping these individuals on board, based on their experience and knowledge. This can enrich your overall approach to operating a business. 

Hays Chief Executive Officer Alistair Cox said these adjustments will need to be embraced in the coming years. This could be something to consider as the owner of a Shed Boss franchise, with Mr Cox pointing out that construction and building was one of the industries where evidence of this retention could be seen. 

"Sectors such as manufacturing, transport, healthcare and education have proportionately higher numbers of older workers than organisations in other sectors, and will face a significant skills shortage when they retire. But they also benefit from the depth of experience and knowledge this mature workforce brings to their jobs every day," said Mr Cox in a June 17 statement. 

"The opportunity to exploit the talents of more senior members of staff to pass on know-how to other employees is significant. Small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, which may have limited resources to dedicate to formal skills development, often use older staff to give in-house training to their younger peers." 

Having people experienced in the manufacture of custom designed sheds and other outdoor fixtures could be extremely beneficial to your operation. Not only can they help educate your younger, more fresh-faced staff members, but they stand to learn about the changing wave of technology now being employed by most sectors of society today. 

An environment of open, free-flowing information and education stands to benefit everyone involved, so make your Shed Boss franchise as inclusive as possible heading into the future. 

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