While issues such as slow networks may be unavoidable for some businesses, there's no reason things like fear or ignorance should stop business owners from making the most of the tools they have at hand.

Let modern tech help you succeed

There's no doubt today's technology is capable of some astounding feats. But it's not just advances in social media and cellular phone technology – much of the cutting-edge tech hitting the market is specifically geared to help small business owners.

As a franchisee selling industrial sheds and other products, you can count on the support of Shed Boss. However, you can also make your life easier and improve your business' chances of success by embracing modern technology.

The Grattan Institute recently reported that small and medium enterprises employ two-thirds of private sector workers and are responsible for half of private sector gross domestic  product in Australia.

However, many of these businesses struggle with reduced productivity due to their failure to take advantage of technological innovations.

"Today mobile devices, e-commerce, cloud computing and other online innovations offer opportunities for firms of all sizes," the Grattan Institute said.

"Cloud computing – the delivery of on-demand information technology services over the Internet – is a case study for how online technologies can benefit smaller firms."

Unfortunately, many Australian small businesses do not make use of modern tech like cloud computing.

"Many are not aware of the benefits or believe they lack the skills to capture them. Some are concerned about transition costs, data security and privacy. Networks are too slow or unreliable for cloud services in some areas," the Grattan Institute continued.

While issues such as slow networks may be unavoidable for some businesses, there's no reason things like fear or ignorance should stop business owners from making the most of the tools they have at hand.

In today's market, it's more vital than ever for small business owners to make use of all the gizmos, gadgets and programs at their disposal.

Shed Boss knows this, which is why we provide our franchisees with training and innovative software to help them handle everything from designs and quotes to project management.

The most difficult challenge faced by small business owners when they first attempt to get their enterprise off the ground is obtaining start up capital.

Obtaining start up capital for your business

Becoming a Shed Boss franchisee and selling premium-quality, custom designed sheds can be a lucrative endeavour.

However, as with any small business, it will likely take money to make money, especially in the early stages.

For this reason, the most difficult challenge faced by small business owners when they first attempt to get their enterprise off the ground is obtaining start up capital.

Options available to you

Unless you have sufficient savings put away, chances are you'll need to borrow money in order to start your business.

Borrowing money from family and friends is often the easiest – not to mention cheapest – way to gain start up capital. However, keep in mind that mixing money with personal relationships can lead to complications.

Your best bet will probably be taking out a loan from a local financial institution.

Credit unions and community banks can often be a superior choice to major banking institutions, especially if you've done business with them in the past. It's easier to develop close relationships with smaller banks, and this can work in your favour when it comes time to borrow. 

Whereas a large bank may be strictly focused on your finances, a smaller financial institution you have history with might be more willing to make allowances.

Making your business desirable

At the same time, no matter where you choose to borrow from, it's essential to make yourself an attractive candidate.

A strong credit history can go a long way to help, but even more important is having a detailed business plan in place.

Fortunately, becoming a Shed Boss franchisee comes with a built-in business plan and the support of a large company to back you up. This can make obtaining the funds you need easier than going it alone.

For many business owners who used to be employees, it can be tempting to become more of a friend to your own workers than act like a boss.

New business owner? Avoid these common pitfalls!

If it's your first time running a business, there will be plenty of pitfalls you need to avoid. Then again, some business owners make these mistakes even if they've been their own boss for years.

Selling custom designed sheds as a Shed Boss franchisee gives you plenty of opportunity to succeed, but it still pays to keep common missteps in mind in an attempt to avoid them.

Fend off tunnel vision

With so many spinning plates to keep track of, business owners can be forgiven for letting some things slip through the cracks. However, there's no excuse for devoting so much time to one aspect of your business that another part suffers.

For instance, say sales are booming at your Shed Boss franchise. This may make you think that you can slack off on things like marketing. However, it may not always be so busy in your establishment, and if you find that you haven't developed any kind of advertising strategy to bring in new business, your feast could turn to famine in the blink of an eye.

Every business is a collection of different moving parts. Always try to stay focused on the big picture, giving proper care and attention to all the different aspects of a successful enterprise.

Become the boss

For many business owners who used to be employees, it can be tempting to become more of a friend to your own workers than act like a boss. After all, you likely know what it was like to work under someone and feel hesitant about being viewed in the same way.

Unfortunately, just as children need a parent instead of a friend, employees need a boss instead of a colleague.

The success of your business depends on everyone doing their jobs, and sometimes that means chasing after people and ensuring they stay in line. Discipline may be necessary, and if you want to succeed, you need to come to terms with the responsibilities being a business owner comes with.

Shed Boss is known for its high standards and uncompromising attitude toward quality, from shed designs to the materials used to build them.

Nothing sells easier than quality

Anyone who sells products or services is constantly on the hunt to enhance their business.

While special deals and reduced prices can certainly provide a temporary boost to sales, the ultimate truth is that nothing is easier to market and sell than quality.

Everyone likes to save money and get a good deal, but they also want what they buy to work and last.

Fortunately for Shed Boss franchisees selling custom designed garages, industrial sheds and other buildings, the premium-quality of Shed Boss is a given.

Shed Boss is known for its high standards and uncompromising attitude toward quality, from shed designs to the materials used to build them.

Meeting expectations

If a prospective client feels like you deliver an inferior product, chances are they'll look elsewhere to do business. Not only can the high-quality offered by Shed Boss meet and exceed customer expectations, it can create a sense of contentment and loyalty that results in repeat business.

Best of all, happy clients are much more likely to spread the good word for your business, hopefully resulting in more customers.

Building reputation

By staying focused on quality products and solid customer service, you can build a reputation that will bring in business.

After all, no one wants to give their hard-earned money to a business that has a reputation for shoddy work or poor customer service.

Selling safety

In addition to beautiful buildings that stand the test of time, it's important for Shed Boss franchisees to realise that safety is an important factor when it comes to constructing sheds and other buildings.

People want to know their projects are built to high standards so they can safely use them for personal and business reasons.

Shed Boss' commitment to quality is part of its foundation, and something franchisees can take advantage of.

While you may not be able to prevent some disasters, you can anticipate them and ensure you're prepared.

Plan for the best, prepare for the worst

It's important to be optimistic when running a small business. Life throws you challenges as a business owner, and your attitude will play a large role in how you handle them.

However, being upbeat is no excuse for not planning ahead. Whether it's cash flow issues or potential employee problems, it's a good idea to have a strategy in place for the curveballs the world can send your way.

One key thing to plan for is the chaos Mother Nature can cause. If you're a Shed Boss franchisee selling custom designed sheds, you know how important it is to build something that can withstand the elements and stand the test of time.

Rain, fire and wind, oh my!

There are plenty of obstacles you may face as a business owner, but some are completely out of your control. Case in point: natural disasters.

Whether it's a devastating storm, a fire or whipping winds, the elements can cause severe damage to your premises and business operations.

While you may not be able to prevent some disasters, you can anticipate them and ensure you're prepared.

Make insurance part of your business plan

Having proper business cover in place is essential if you want to get your business back on track following a natural disaster.

Besides insurance to replace and repair your premises, you might also want to consider business interruption cover that will keep you financially solvent even if your operation has to shut down temporarily.

Think about your records

In the case of a natural disaster, you should be concerned with the safety of you and your employees, not saving business records.

At the same time, these records can be invaluable to your enterprise.

With that in mind, why not plan ahead by getting rid of paper documents and replacing your record-keeping system with cloud storage?

This will not only keep your records safe in the event of a disaster, it will also free up space in your premises. 

3 warning signs running a business isn't for you

Everybody's different, and that carries over into their working lives. While some people may be predisposed to running their own business, for others it might not be the right fit.

The following are three warning signs that selling custom designed sheds as a Shed Boss franchisee may not be the right choice for you.

Building isn't your thing

Shed Boss is not a turnkey franchise. We provide our franchisees with the freedom to operate how they see fit. At the same time, this means the best franchisees already have experience in the building industry.

It's one thing to learn about construction from a book or training course, but having your own builders licence is even better.

Of course, not being a builder yourself doesn't have to be a deal breaker. You could always partner up with someone who has a construction background and focus more on the creative and marketing side of the business. But at the end of the day, having a passion for building should be a primary factor.

You have the zeal but not the strategy

Of course, being passionate about something isn't the same has having a plan in place.

Just because you're excited and willing to work doesn't mean you can jump in with your eyes closed and wish for the best.

A successful business requires forethought and smart strategy. If creating a plan for your business and keeping track of all the details doesn't sound like you, being the boss may not be the right fit.

You give up easily

Running a business can definitely be rewarding, but it's also hard work. This is especially true when first getting a business off the ground.

If you're the type of person who is discouraged easily and ready to give up after the first bump in the road, becoming a small business owner probably isn't the right move.

Becoming a small business owner isn't a get-rich-quick scheme.

Top 3 signs you're ready to be the boss

Becoming a small business owner can certainly be lucrative and fulfilling, but it's not for everybody. Some people are simply happier to be the employee, not the employer.

However, if you notice these three signs, it could mean you're ready to take the reins yourself and explore your options as a Shed Boss franchisee selling commercial sheds and other products.

It's on your mind… all the time

There's a big difference between idly thinking about what it would be like to be the boss and giving it serious thought on a near constant basis.

The latter indicates that running your own business isn't just a pipe dream, but a goal you might be ready to work toward. 

Taking the plunge into the small business world shouldn't be some whim that pops into your head after a tough day at the office, it should be something you've seriously considered for a long time.

You have a support system

Being the boss doesn't mean going it alone. 

In order to succeed, you'll need some type of support system. Whether it be enough savings to weather the bumpy first years that can come with starting a business to the support of your loved ones, you should ensure you have safety nets in place to help you along the way.

Shed Boss prides itself on providing franchisees with the independence they need to run their businesses their way. However, we're also on hand to offer support through things like training and specialised software to make running the business easier.

You're in it for the long haul

Becoming a small business owner isn't a get-rich-quick scheme.

It means putting in the long hours day after day to make your enterprise a success.

While a growing small business can certainly provide you with financial security, you need to go into it with your eyes wide open and a realistic attitude of what it takes to succeed.

Today's business world is less about advertising and more about word-of-mouth.

Let technology do some heavy lifting

Running a small business is hard work, but today's technological advancements have made it easier to organise and operate a business than ever before.

So whether it's your first time acting as the boss or you simply aren't familiar with modern computer technology, it's worth exploring what tools are available to help you out.

Rise to the cloud

Cloud storage allows you to save vital business documents online rather than on your computer or as paperwork. This can help you keep track of important business information while freeing up space in your physical premises as well as on your computer.

There's no shortage of popular cloud storage services, and some of the most basic are absolutely free.

Become part of the conversation

A giant billboard can be effective, but it's also expensive and old-fashioned. Today's business world is less about advertising and more about word-of-mouth. 

By creating a local presence through free social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can put your brand out there and have people begin to interact with your business in a more natural way.

This is especially helpful when trying to appeal to a younger generation of customers.

Manage projects easily

As a Shed Boss franchisee, you'll have plenty to keep track of. Each project will require the management of many details, from what type of custom designed shed is being built to which contractors are working on the job.

Instead of trying to stay up to date off the top of your head, you should think about investing in project management software. These products let your create goals, assign tasks and generally give you a bird's eye view of whatever project you're working on.

Technology can never replace good old-fashioned customer service and hard work, but there's no harm in letting your computer help with the heavy lifting.

You deserve to have peace of mind instead of worrying if you can put your faith in someone.

Need workers? Keep an eye out for these traits!

Becoming a Shed Boss franchisee means being your own boss, but that doesn't mean you can do it all on your own. 

You'll need help, especially as your business grows, and this requires you to hire new talent. Unfortunately, picking the right employees can be easier said than done.

With that in mind, here are some characteristics you'll want to be on the lookout for.


Chances are you became a Shed Boss franchisee because you have a passion for building and a background in construction. While it's not absolutely necessary that all your employees are the same way, it pays to have people working for you who are just as passionate about the building industry and have knowledge that can help when it comes to barns, industrial sheds and the like.


While knowledge of building is important, attitude can be even more vital when trying to run a business. You don't just want a smart, experienced employee, you want one who has a positive attitude.

Nothing turns customers off quite like a surly demeanour, and who wants to work with someone who is constantly negative? Ensure your workers make your business an upbeat place – you'll be happy you did.


It can be difficult to gauge someone's trustworthiness without first getting to know them, but it's definitely an attribute you'll want to focus on. 

After all, you'll often be trusting your employees with access to your money, products and other sensitive information and items. You deserve to have peace of mind instead of worrying if you can put your faith in someone.

While these are far from the only traits that matter in the business world, they can create the building blocks of a stellar employee – exactly what you need to make your Shed Boss franchise a success.

Records can help you formulate plans and make overcoming potential obstacles easier.

Business success is in the details

All businesses are the sum of many moving parts. And while large companies can compartmentalise different operations in separate departments, as a small business owner, you have to rely on yourself to make sure all the plates keep spinning.

With that in mind, it's important to remember that even the tiniest details can play a major part in the success of your business.

Fortunately, when selling commercial sheds, custom built patios and other products as a Shed Boss franchisee, you'll have the tools you need to keep track of the finer points.

Comprehensive records make it easy to operate

Trying to keep track of all the particulars can seem like a Herculean task. Luckily, there's no law that says you have to remember every little thing off the top of your head.

By investing in detailed records, you can always be up to date on where your business stands financially, as well as what challenges may be on the horizon.

Records can help you formulate plans and make overcoming potential obstacles easier. While working on your records may not be as fun as interacting with customers, it's just as essential to growing your business.

Technology can help

The days of writing everything down with pen and paper are long gone. There are various computer applications that can make keeping track of details more effective and efficient.

The same holds true for the products and services offered by Shed Boss franchises.

Developed exclusively for Shed Boss, the ShedBuilder software application is a user-friendly, all-in-one design and quoting solution that can make keeping track of the details even easier.

Meanwhile, our ShedManager software has been developed specifically with project management in mind.

From recording regular income to quoting prices for customers, business success comes down to making the details part of your business' bigger picture.