Expecting undue amounts of overtime from your staff can cause problems in the future.

Are you overworking your employees?

Increasing the workload of employees doesn't necessarily improve the quality of work being put in. The latest Hays Recruitment report has highlighted that 31 per cent of employees have had their overtime amount increased, while 65 per cent of that number said the overtime was unpaid.

This could cause problems for organisations in the future, with Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand Nick Deligiannis stating there is an emerging trend across the nation that employees are expected to do more with less, for less. 

"When we surveyed employers as part of our Hays Salary Guide, two-thirds (66 per cent) said they expect their levels of business activity to increase in the year ahead, and a similar number (63 per cent) have already seen an increase in business activity," said Mr Deligiannis in a June 30 statement. 

"To cope with this increase, it seems that many are increasing the workloads of existing staff.  But pressure to increase productivity without increasing headcount has the potential to cause workplace stress and employee burnout, which will cost a lot more in the long run."

He advised employers to keep an eye on how much they are asking from their employees in case absenteeism and the number of resignations begins to increase. As a Shed Boss franchise owner, retaining your skilled staff is important – especially when it comes to the construction of industrial sheds and other outdoor storage products

If overtime is essential for your staff, make sure the amount is limited. While pulling longer hours may be good for ploughing through the work, drops in quality and employee morale could end up costing you more than if the work was finished later. 

Finding the balance between service delivery and employee satisfaction is one thing you'll need to contend with as a Shed Boss franchise owner.

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