Whether your custom designed shed is surrounded by structures that will shield it from wind is an important factor to consider.

Accounting for wind during shed construction

All commercial sheds should be constructed with safety in mind. This is why ShedSafe accredited builders provide their clients with specific information on their quotes relating to safety concerns such as wind speed.

For example, the region in which your custom designed sheds are built will affect the type of weather conditions it must be designed to withstand. This makes classifying wind region an essential part of the building process.

Next, ShedSafe accredited builders should determine the importance level of wind speed. This is based on what your shed will be used for and ensures commercial sheds comply with the Building Code of Australia.

Meanwhile, terrain category refers to what surrounds the proposed building site of the shed and topography accounts for whether the shed is placed on a hill, slope or flat surface.

Whether your custom designed shed is surrounded by structures that will shield it from wind is also an important factor to consider.

ShedSafe accredited builders will also let you know what your site wind speed is, which will be measured in metres per second. This is a vital factor to be aware of, as lower site wind speeds typically require less steel and therefore lower costs.

Shed Boss is proud to be ShedSafe accredited. Achieving this benchmark cannot be bought – it must be earned. The fact that we underwent rigorous independent auditing for the certification process shows our commitment to building strong and building right.

Building with specific site requirements in mind is a vital part of constructing quality commercial sheds, and it's something the designers and builders at Shed Boss are focused on through every step of the construction process.

If you're planning on building custom designed sheds, you owe it to yourself to work with builders who make safety a priority.

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